Premiere: Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son Channel the "Roaring Twenties"

Photo by:  Dieter Unrath

Photo by: Dieter Unrath

From Atwood Magazine

What often gets left out of romantic ruminations on the 1920s is that the Roaring Twenties were reactionary to the terrible consequences of the First World War  Often referred to as “The Great War,” it’s still regarded as one of the grisliest periods of history.  With just two years until we’re in this century’s ’20s, New Jersey’s Bobby Mahoney with his band The Seventh Son is putting his money on a rebirth in the 2020’s in his aptly titled “Roaring Twenties,” which we’re excited to premiere today.

The East Brunswick band share similar DNA to their Jersey brethren like The Gaslight Anthem or Titus Andronicus, a punk voracity with a fondness for the past.  Besides the titular nostalgia for the era of the Lost Generation, Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son have a definite affinity for ’70s hard rock.  “Roaring Twenties” has the same DNA as a song like “Shooting Star” by Bad Company or “More Than a Feeling” by Boston.  Since this is a Jersey band, a little Springsteen does shine through, like the straight-out-of “Born in the USA” drums that kick off the song.  It takes all the sweet elements of those songs and knows when to ramp up the pace.

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