"The Outskirts" The Punk Anthem of the Summer

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son are always reliable when it comes to putting out great music and an intriguing show.  “The Outskirts”, the band’s brand new album that was released today, has taken the cake.  Any street rat can hear how much effort and talent that has gone into the production of this album.  Bobby Mahoney by himself is a mastermind, but I think Bruce Springsteen and Bon Scott came to him in the night and implanted the formula for a great rock album straight into his frontal lobe.  Bobby Mahoney and Jon Alba have outdone themselves yet again. The fire and energy that each track spews surpasses the preceding.  The way his voice compliments the band’s timbre and playing pairs perfectly together like a red wine and steak. When your music is top-notch and unique, you have great musicians, and it was by experienced minds; it is very hard to get the equation wrong.  Here is The album on Spotify.  Also follow them on soundcloud to hear their last album and like them on Facebook.  Most importantly, buy it on iTunes.

Nathaniel Hawkins
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