Show Report - Yanks Old Niagara Bar & Grill, 8/7/14

Photo courtesy: Ann Mahoney

After nearly 10 hours in a vehicle the day prior, and various Canadian encounters, Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son took to Niagara Falls for the first of three shows in Canada.

Thursday saw the band hit Yanks Old Niagara Bar & Grill as the first stop, and from the start of the evening, anyone in attendance could tell something special was about to unfold. Tim Gysin, who last opened for the band at The Stone Pony in June, brought a killer set in honor of his new album Chapter Next... Tim's impressive powerful voice and stealth way of working a keyboard drew big numbers inside the bar, and opened the eyes of those watching him.

And when eyes are open, anything at a Seventh Son show is possible.

"We had a long trip up yesterday," Bobby said. "But we're excited to be here. You ready?"

Out of the gate, the outlaws from Jersey burst into the now-rare "Thick As Thieves." "Thieves" is a one of a kind Mahoney/Alba composition, dominated by clever notations from the rhythm section and driving vocals that gets the crowd going.

Following this would be a three-peat off Friends in Low Places, led by the always fun "Hit The Town" and going into "Danger Dan." An intense rendition of "New Age Outlaws" (which was preceded by Bobby sarcastically bemoaning to the crowd that it "hurt him" to have Jon's riff played) followed, with Bobby once again taking the spotlight with his ear-splitting solo.

Photo courtesy: Ann Mahoney

"Meeting Up" would then make its second showing in a Seventh Son showing, with members of the packed crowd at Yanks picking up on the "hey girl" motif in the bridge. The Niagara faithful, however, were unaware that wouldn't be the only tease of new material they'd get Thursday night.

Bobby then said it was time to introduce his group of scoundrels, with the dynamic track of the same name following. Enamored with the big sound, he then felt it would be time to try something new.

"Pack your bags Maria," he whispered into the microphone under an arpeggiated familiar lick. He had referred to it at shows before, but now it was happening: the premiere of the extended, initially cut, verse of "Star-Crossed." Two times through, and the rest of the band came crashing in, creating a surreal sense of sound perhaps never heard at a Seventh Son show. 

But why stop there?

"Star-Crossed" opened up for another new track penned by the two who banged out Friends in Low Places, entitled "Running Away." Pounding drums opened for a year 2000-esque bass line by Joe, and an infectious chorus drove home what will surely be a welcomed edition to the Seventh Son catalog.

A dedicated "Guilden Street" with Tim on keys slowed things down for the time being, with those in attendance grabbing their loved ones and investing in the serenity of the moment. But then, one of the most interesting turn of events to ever happen at a Seventh Son show went down.

"I see we have a birthday," Jon said, as he looked towards the back of the bar to reveal a 20-something year old man with a birthday princess hat and strap on. "And he doesn't look a day over 16."

Photo courtesy: Ann Mahoney

Predictibly, the feedback for "Teenagers Too" quickly started, and Zack the birthday boy joined the stage and quickly picked up on the song's chord progression. During the breakdown, Jon offered Zack a piece of advice:

"Zack...tonight is the night, the night we reign free, where the good boys go bad, and the bad boys boogie. Your manhood will ignite, and the fire will burn to the dawn. You'll break down all the walls you've built, you'll take no liberties. For tonight is the night your parents procreated, and dictated that you must stand down...stand down...and resume blind faith." 

Considering the show was sponsored by Light of Day Canada, "Light of Day" found its way into the set with a large portion of the crowd singing along. Things were brought down for the always intense "Self-Induced Exile," before Bobby called upon Light of Day Canada head Dave Rotella's son Evan to sing his favorite tune: "Another Deadbeat Summer." The youngster killed it, commanding the stage alongside Bobby as the audience rooted on.

Photo courtesy: Ann Mahoney

Thirteen songs in, the train only continued to roll. A now-shirtless Joe took on lead vocals and guitar for The White Stripes' "Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine," where tons of Niagara residents flocked outside the windows of Yanks to get a glimpse. "Can't Stand Myself," the last tune to be played off Friends in Low Places, led way to an extended and epic version of AC/DC's "It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll)" closing the main set for the electric crowd as the band toasted a shot in honor of the tour's start.

The band left the stage, but Bobby stayed on to do two electrically on his own. "Called it Quits" made its second appearance in one of his sets, but as Jon assured Bobby to do one more, he made things interesting. "Anna, where did you go, you said you'd be somewhere between my heart and the shore?" he asked, and "Anna" debuted before the audience. It was catchy and had some audience members tapping their feet, but it was time to bring the band back for the encore.

A mostly spontaneous version of Springsteen's "Pink Cadillac," complete with dueling guitar and keys solos by Bobby and Tim respectively, got all the patrons singing. One of the more reckless versions of "Left For Dead" allowed for "Worrisome Child" to bring an end to a 21-song night of rock, friends and fun. 

All that in just the first night of the Canadian shows. The beauty of it? There's more surprises to follow. Stay tuned.


1. Thick As Thieves

2. Hit The Town

3. Danger Dan

4. New Age Outlaws

5. Meeting Up

6. Scoundrels 

7. Star-Crossed

8. Running Away (debut)

9. Guilden Street

10. Teenagers Too

11. Light of Day (cover)

12. Self-Induced Exile

13. Another Deadbeat Summer

14. Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine (cover)

15. Can't Stand Myself

16. It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll) (cover)

17. Called it Quits

18. Anna (debut)

19. Pink Cadillac (cover)

20. Left For Dead

21. Worrisome Child

For more information on Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son sets, click here.

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